Install Kafka Manager with Puppet


I will continue on this line with the install of a management tool called Kafka manager using same old Puppet.

The main source of the project is here:

If you scroll down at packaging you will see that you have the possibility to create a .deb package for Ubuntu or Debian setup or a rpm. To do this just clone the project, go into it and run the command

sbt debian:packageBin

It will take some time but eventually it will create the required package. Now, since you have the package, you can easily ask a friend to upload it to your pipeline apt repo (this is what i did, i don’t have yet the experience on how to do that) and install and configure it via puppet. In order to do that, i “wrote” the following manifest:


class profiles::kafkamanager {
	$zookeeper_connect = hiera('kafkamanager::zookeeperconnect')
	package {'kafka-manager':
		ensure => installed,
	group { 'kafka-manager':
		ensure => 'present',	
	user { 'kafka-manager':
		ensure => 'present',
		groups => 'kafka-manager'
	Group['kafka-manager'] -> User['kafka-manager']
	file { '/usr/share/kafka-manager' :
    		ensure    => directory,
    		owner     => 'kafka-manager',
    		group      => 'kafka-manager',
    		require     => [ User['kafka-manager'], Group['kafka-manager'], ],
    		recurse    => true,

	file_line { 'config_zookeeper':
	    path => '/etc/kafka-manager/application.conf',
	    match => 'kafka-manager.zkhosts=\"kafka-manager-zookeeper:2181\"',
	    line => "kafka-manager.zkhosts=\"${zookeeper_connect}\"",
	    replace => true,
    file_line { 'enable_auth':
        path => '/etc/kafka-manager/application.conf',
        match => 'basicAuthentication.enabled=false',
        line => 'basicAuthentication.enabled=true',
        replace => true,
	service { 'kafka-manager':
		ensure => 'running',
		enable => true,
		require => [ File['/usr/share/kafka-manager'], File_line['config_zookeeper'] ],	

This should be all, you are now free to login with the user and pass that you find in the application.conf file and start mapping Kafka clusters.


By Sorin Tudor

DevOps Engineer