Balancing requests to kafka-manager using traefik


Just wanted to share with you a quite small and simple config to balance the traffic between three machines that have kafka-manager installed. For this i used traefik since it was new to me and i wanted to gain a little bit of experience with it.

It’s an interesting solution but it took me a while to get the pieces working. I will post here my config and will explain the needed part to get it working.

logLevel = "DEBUG"
defaultEntryPoints = ["http"]
  address = ":80"
address = ":8080"

watch = true

      method = "drr"
    url = "http://[kafka1.hostname]:9000"
    weight = 1
    url = "http://[kafka2.hostname]:9000"
    weight = 2
    url = "http://[kafka3.hostname]:9000"
    weight = 1
  entrypoint = ["http"]
  backend = "backend1"
  passHostHeader = true
  priority = 10

This is very basic as you can see but it took me a while to understand that you need the file block with watch = true in order for the daemon to see and parse the rules that are listed. You can also have a separate rules file and for that it would be best to consult the traefik documentation.

I will have to do now the redirect from HTTP to HTTPS in order to secure the connection to frontend. The idea of traefik is that it works like entrypoint -> frontend -> backend and as far as i saw this will be done on the entrypoint level.

Two extra additions is that you need a default entry point in order for your frontend not to be ignored and also put it on log level DEBUG because otherwise it won’t log much.

Keep you posted on the progress and also you can find traefik hereĀ