Docker statistics – way to investigate performance


I wish it would be mine but it isn’t. Quite good article from this week newsletter related to container stats from Docker containers:

Analyzing Docker container performance with native tools

Wish you an enjoyable read.


kafka puppet

Kafka limits implementation using puppet


I keep my promise and provide you with the two simple blocks that are needed to implement limits that we discussed in article

For the limits module you can use:

As for the actual puppet implementation, I took the decision not to restart the service immediately. This being said, it’s dead simple to do it:

	 file_line {"add_pamd_record":
	 path => '/etc/pam.d/common-session',
	 line => 'session required'
	 limits::fragment {
      		value => "100000";
      		value => "100000";
      		value => "100000";
      		value => "100000";

This is all you need.


kafka linux

Ubuntu – change ulimit for kafka, do not ignore


Wanna share with you what managed to take me half a day to clarify. I just read in the following article
and learned that in order to optimize kafka, you will need to also change the maximum number of open files. It is nice, but our clusters are deployed on Ubuntu and the images are pretty basic. Not really sure if this is valid for all of the distributions but at least for this one it’s absolutely needed.
Before trying to setup anything in


make sure that you have exported in



session required

It is needed in order for ssh, su processes to take the new limits for that user (in our case kafka).
Doing this will help you define new values on “limits” file. You are now free to setup nofile limit like this for example

*               soft    nofile          10000
*		hard	nofile		100000
kafka		soft 	nofile		10000
kafka		hard	nofile		100000

After it is done, you can restart the cluster and check value by finding process with ps-ef | grep kafka and viewing limit file using cat /proc/[kafka-process]/limits.

I will come back later with also a puppet implementation for this.


kafka puppet

Kafka implementation using puppet at IMWorld Bucharest 2017


I recently had a presentation on how to deploy kafka using puppet and what do you need as a minimum in order to have success in production.
Here is the presentation:

Hope it is useful.



There is also an official version from IMWorld which you can find here:

And also the article on that describes it in more technical detail: