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Command to start sysdig container – redundant but useful


This is more like a easier way to find the command without searching the net:

docker run -it --rm --name=sysdig --privileged=true \
   --volume=/var/run/docker.sock:/host/var/run/docker.sock \
   --volume=/dev:/host/dev \
   --volume=/proc:/host/proc:ro \
   --volume=/boot:/host/boot:ro \
   --volume=/lib/modules:/host/lib/modules:ro \
   --volume=/usr:/host/usr:ro \

The actual command on starting a sysdig container. I will get more in depth with some Kafka cluster aggregated info from this amazing tool and also what it takes to send it to an elastic cluster.
It will be challenging, but this is how it goes in IT in our days.


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Memory debug by Heroku guys on Apache Kafka – nice one


I know, i should write more about my experience with Apache Kafka, have patience, it’s still building, but until then please check this article:

Be aware of the things that you want to include in functionalities and code that is written beside Apache Kafka functionalities, it might get you in to trouble.

I am very happy that sysdig is used by more and more teams for debug, it’s truly a great tool for this kind of situations.


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Sysdig container isolation case debugged on kubernetes


I didn’t get to actual test anything related to this but i managed to find a very interesting article that might be lost if you are not a sysdig fan. You can find it at following linkĀ

To put into perspective, this tool is used for some very interesting debugging situation, i have played with it some a short period of time and i think i will put in on my list so that i can show you what it can do.