Install puppet gems on puppet master using hiera


I needed to install a toml-rb gem in order to my puppet traefik module to work and i just want to short post my workaround on doing that automatically. There was some code in our repo for that but it used only hiera array, don’t really know, so i had to write a very short class that can take a hash for the installed process. It looks like this:

class profiles::puppetinstall {
    $packages = hiera_hash('profiles::puppetinstall::packages',undef)
    if packages {

And in my role file called puppetmaster.yaml in this case i had to put:

 - 'profiles::puppetinstall'

      provider: 'puppet_gem'

Now i know that maybe it’s not that elegant, but it fixed my problem. Hopefully i will put all the details related to traefik implementation. And yes, if you are wondering from were can you get the ensure_packages resource, i can tell you it is included in stdlib package¬†

P.S: That was for the puppet agent and standard gems, for the gems that need to be installed on puppet server i needed to write the following piece of code:

$packages_puppetserver = hiera_array('profiles::puppetinstall::puppetserver_packages',undef)
if $packages_puppetserver {
        $packages_puppetserver.each |String $package_name| {
            exec {"install ${package_name}":
                command => "/opt/puppetlabs/bin/puppetserver gem install ${package_name}",
                path => [ '/usr/bin','/usr/sbin','/bin','/sbin' ],
                unless => "/opt/puppetlabs/bin/puppetserver gem list | grep ${package_name}",

The way to put the packages in hiera is similar:

 - 'toml-rb'